Monday, December 21, 2009

Airline horror

Ya, just flew cross country yesterday. Seattle to Chicago to Hartford. I usually fly Southwest, but I let my mom book my ticket and she booked me a ticket on United.

Anyway, the boarding process was the most unorganized POS I've ever seen. Southwest might get flak for their first come first serve pick your own seating thing they got, but I've never had a problem with it, and it's usually very efficient. United has this thing where there's 4 groups, and people board in order by their group, to assigned seats. Only problem is, there's no line! It's just a mob, and people with higher numbers sit in the mob too crowding up the place. It took forever to board people.

Also the seats are more cramped than the other planes I've flown. I'm 6'5'', so I never fit in any of the seats anyway, but this one was especially bad and I couldn't even move my legs out of the way to grab my laptop from under the seat, and it barely fit under the seat in the first place.

None of this is THAT bad really, except my luggage is in chicago right now (it might be on its way here I hope). Not only is just my luggage in Chicago, but the ENTIRE FLIGHT'S luggage is in Chicago. The ENTIRE FUCKING FLIGHT. Nobody got their bags. It took them a half hour to even start the baggage claim, then a half hour for it all to go around while nobody grabbed their bags since they were the wrong ones. It got jammed even, and they had to offload the bags to a waiting area. And nobody's bags came. They couldn't have told us that our bags didn't make it on the plane? I can see them missing one or two, accidents happen, but for gods sake if you miss the whole flight at least have the common decency to tell people that and not wait for an hour hoping your bag shows up.

To exasperate matters, everyone had to wait for an hour in a line after that to file the claim, as there was only one desk open for lost bag claims, and 200 people missing bags. Bags which they charged us $15 to check in the first place. At least we'll get refunded that money, but we have to go online and file for a refund. If you lose an entire flight's worth of luggage, you ought to refund the bag check fee automatically.

Damn it United, worst flying experience I had all year, out of the 9 or so flights I've taken this year. Merry Christmas.